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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

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Who Are We

Is your business a New Start Up or an Existing Business looking for a New Start? We can help!

 Paper and Pencil is a Limited Liability Partnership that has Twenty Plus Years of business knowledge and experience devoted to improving small businesses performance. We have a keen understanding of the bookkeeping needs and wants for our clients, and, unquestionably, one of the best service organizations to support them. 


Paper and Pencil serves small businesses. Yes, we perform the basic/traditional bookkeeping functions but we bring you a lot more than tradition. We offer a very innovative bookkeeping system that not only provides you with basic bookkeeping functions but also a window to the health of your business; the things you are doing well and the things where you can improve to reach your best potential. 

We are a lot about "Value Added". As an example, many small businesses confirm to us the importance of improving cash flow, receiving payments faster; we can make that happen! You will have the ability to receive your payments when expected, and, with a high probability, faster than you receive those payments today! 

Our Bookkeeping Service Solution is not complicated.  We Are Not "Bells and Whistles". It's Innovation, Sharp Performance, Reliability, and the Trust, that all of your information is safe and secure.


 Do you want the ability to make potentially better and more timely decisions, improve your profitability and enhance your professional image; are those the kind of things you want for your business? We can be the partner that gets you there. 

This is Who We Are!

Let's get started! Call or send an email request for an illustration of our capabilities.

Telephone Number 973-610-5574

Email: [email protected]

What We Offer