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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

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Benefits You Receive 

The Paper and Pencil Customer Pledge and the Benefits of Our Service

The Pledge 

 We promise to collect the data of your operation and we will manage it accurately, reliably and securely as outlined in the scope of work.  The scope of work becomes a living, breathing and dynamic process adjusted as you and your business conditions require.

The Benefits 

First: Through the implementation of the proposed features, The Paper and Pencil Support Team will provide the most professional  bookkeeping products you may have ever seen. Besides the feature functionality, they will make your business image stand out further.

Second: Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping will furnish unique and substantive reports that will display the condition of your business instantaneously. The reports are simple, to the point, user friendly and honest, not fluff; the real results. This will afford you a tremendous advantage to make timely and informed business decisions in the near term and for the long term. 

Third: The service and support plan we implement for you will be another method to demonstrate to your customers how good you really are and create a potential edge for you with your competitors. 

Fourth:   Paper and Pencil, using the features of our service and our support plan, will streamline the bookkeeping activities and eliminate those duties you or another person perform today, and that will result in a reduction of your bookkeeping costs. 

Fifth: Our costs are lower over traditional bookkeepers because we charge a flat fee, not by the hour as many of our competitors might do. 

Email: [email protected]

Telephone Number 973-610-5574