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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

Monthly Cost Plans

Paper and Pencil performs all of these tasks at an incredibly low cost compared to what other bookkeepers may charge. You can conduct a simple cost analysis just by taking a conservative view of how much time you or a staff member spends doing these tasks and determine how much that time costs and compare it to our cost. If you already have someone providing these services, compare their hourly charges versus our Flat Fee Plan for the services you need or want. We have no contracts, no penalties, just a Flat Rate Fee that remains constant each month based on the scope of work we do for you. If you want to terminate service, you can do that at anytime with no further obligation. The Plans and features are listed below.

Please contact us to discuss more about the details, features, our Monthly Managerial Fees, first time customer discount and how we can get you started. And while we are in discussion, we will conduct a "live" demonstration and illustration of the features and reports we will deliver t​o you.

Plan A


Managerial Services: 

(One, Flat Monthly Fee)

 $129.00 to $195.00

Plan B

Junior Varsity

Managerial Services:

(One, Flat Monthly Fee )

 $229.00 - $335.00

Plan C


Managerial Services: 

(One, Flat Monthly Fee)

$349.00 - $695.00

(Partial List of Features for all Plans)

°Estimates & Proposals Preparation °Customized Invoicing  °Track Expenses

°Expense Report  °Payment Reminders

*Credit Card and ACH Payment Links °EFT Bank Connections

°Bank Reconciliation Summary

°Balance Sheet °Profit and Loss °General Ledger

°Payments Collected  °Revenue by Client  °Accounts Aging 

Note 1: *Each Plan requires a small one-time inception fee

Note 2: *2.9% per credit card transaction + 30 cents

Note 3: *3.5% American Express Card transaction + 30 cents apply

Note 4: *ACH (1% per bank transaction)

Call Today: 973-610-5574

Email: [email protected]