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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

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Financial Reports

After collecting all of your relevant data, which includes, but not limited to, billing and the incoming revenue, expenses paid out and unpaid invoices or balances, we compile the data and create sharp looking and detailed reports for each of the critical disciplines of your business, in real time. Some of those reports include details of your Invoices, Expenses, Sales of Goods and/or Services, Revenue by Client, Payments Collected, Accounts Aging, Cash Flow, General Ledger, Balance Sheet,  Profit and Loss, Bank Reconciliation and much more. If you have an accountant that does your annual tax returns, and with your permission, he or she can obtain access to the data. The Real Time Reports will facilitate better financial management on a day to day basis and build a platform to the future. Take a visual tour with us and we can explain how it al‚Äčl works

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