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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

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The Key Features 

Our vision for great bookkeeping begins with compiling our clients information of their day to day activities, the backbone of their operation. From there, we prepare electronic documents for client proposals along with an automatic acceptance feature. You schedule and complete the proposed work and services for your clients. Next, we create and distribute to those same clients, personalized invoices coupled with electronic links for payments allowing for faster receipt of the revenue directly into your bank account. We continually monitor the revenue coming in, track associated expenses and conduct bank reconciliation. Just a few of the many applications we perform for you.

All of the client's captured business activity and performance is translated into dynamic bookkeeping products and substantive reports provided to you in real time. The results become the pulse and the overall health of your operation. The reports have a beautiful look and feel, totally accurate, and as simple as a piece of Paper and Pencil to understand. 

The features include but are not limited to the following:

*Customized Estimates/Proposals, 

*Customized Electronic Invoicing

*Credit Card payment options, ACH and links*

* Electronic Fund Transfer 

*Payment Reminders  

*Revenue Tracking

*Expense Tracking 

*Bank Reconciliation 

*Cash Flow

*Profit and Loss Tracking

*Accounts Aging

*Balance Sheet

*General Ledger

And a lot More

Give us a call for a demonstration - Phone: 973-610-5574

Learn Electronic Payments and Funds Transfer!