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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

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What We Offer

Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping addresses all of the traditional bookkeeping needs. What makes us different is Innovation!

First, we prepare custom designed estimates and proposals with the information you provide us,  electronically sent, direct to your customers with an automatic "answer back" feature for convenient customer acceptance. This becomes the foundation and the first step in establishing a new customer account 

Second,  once you have completed the work or performed the service for you client, an electronic invoice is automatically generated from that estimate or proposal with edit features as needed. 

Third, your clients have several options for payment. They can pay you with traditional check or cash, but your electronic invoice has additional feature to enable your client to pay you on the spot after receiving the invoice with a major credit card, ACH payments or other methods, such as  Pay Pal, all with direct deposit into your bank preferred bank account 

Fourth, we can track payments, let you know what is overdue and provide reminders to collect them

Fifth, our system can electronically capture and itemize your expenses

Sixth, we can conduct banking reconciliation

Seventh, we provide you with absolutely awesome reports such as a simple balance sheet, profit and loss statement, ledger, revenue tracking, expense tracking, account aging and a variety of other financial activity reports. For the reports: Just give us your preferences and you will receive them either on a routine schedule or immediately upon request 

Do you have an accountant? He or She can have access to all of this data, automatically, when it is time to file your taxes

 All of our service features are listed on the Key Feature Page 

Our service offering is comprehensive and detailed but very user friendly, and, at a cost lower than most traditional bookkeeping service companies charge  

Contact us today for additional details 

Phone: 973-610-5574

Email: [email protected]

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