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Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping

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What We Offer

Paper and Pencil Bookkeeping addresses all of the traditional bookkeeping needs. All of your documents will be custom designed and electronically prepared for you and your clients. One Example:  Through our system, we prepare and send invoices electronically. We can link on-line payments from the leading credit cards and ACH payments, and forward the funds to your preferred bank account. We can track payments, capture and itemize your expenses, provide you with a neat and simple balance sheet, create business project schedules with tracking, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, ledger and a variety of other financial activity reports. We can even mechanize your client estimates and proposals with electronic client response that could lead to more customers saying "Yes" when you ask for their business. All of this is created to provide you with state of the art but simplistic, user friendly tools with functionality that will raise the potential for new opportunities and growth. Our offering is comprehensive. All of the features can be utilized at anytime with no need for technical implementation. They are all there and also the new ones that continually come onboard. When it comes to reports, simply give us your preferences and you will receive them either on a routine schedule or on spur of the moment requests.  

Do you have an accountant? He or She can have access to all of this data automatically, particularly when it is time to file your taxes.

 Further, we give you no cost access to our secure, password accessible storage site so you can electronically send and receive your account information or communicate with you through fax and email; all part of our value added support.  

The low cost for all our management services will surprise you! Contact us today for additional details and a "live" demonstration 

Phone: 973-610-5574

Email: [email protected]

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